L’ABITARE_The elsewhere house L'Abitare was created in Milan, thanks to the creativity and work of many designers, in the effort to offer a clear and pragmatic vision of life through the creation of elegant, consistent and imaginative objects, which find their own dimension in the domestic environment. To inhabit means mainly to live everyday objects, to turn them into the mirror of your own soul, the frame of your own personality.

DOMESTIC CREATIVITY Matter is to service creativity in order to give life to collection rich in new and more sophisticated elements. Objects can affect the quality of everyday human experience: they are alive and they build a relationship with human beings; they become your companion, in a relationship which has emotional and functional aspects.

L’AB_Living the world To extend the concept of home to the world means to broaden the context in the creation of an accessory which goes along with you in every movement, in order to make you able recreate your lifestyle to distant places.

EXTRA-DOMESTIC CREATIVITY The search for functionality and energy, together with a great care of particular and design, this is the secret of the creation of accessories which can go along with a person, answering many needs in different moments. We want to create an intimate synergy between travel accessories and users, making their user experience easier.