Bianca Scarfati

Designer in his wider meaning, her professional experiences are characterized by their multifaced nature, which range in the great fiel of visual arts. She works with various companies, focusing her researches on self-production and on communicative design with a particular attention to shape as a vehicle of meaning.

Angelo Farina

Designer and artist, sculture and love for the third dimension have allowed him to bring beauty in everyday object and design. In 2009 he foundend, together with Bianca Scarfati, the design agency "Farinabianca". Meanwhile he was still following his own path through design, in which he was directing his creative energy towards his own geographic origins in south Italy.

Fabiana Mastropaolo

Matter, visual culture, marketing and sensibility are the elements which affect the style of this designer. Her work follow a vision which try to reach the market without fail her designer values, her objects try to meet the needs of users-buyers and, on the other hand, to foresee and reinvent through matter, sensations, memories, connections and interactions new functions and emotions.


Noa Ikeuchi, Japanese, and Tommaso Nani, Italian, have a bond made of empathy and design, in which simplicity and rationality meet in a contemporary frame.

Stefania Vasques

Designer, architect and stylist, she works for the most important furnishing and design magazines. She is a member of a group of designer "Officina Temporanea" who, together with "Artigiani Officina", create limited series items. She believes in a usability-focused way of designing